(The spelling upward is also used. In American English, upward is the more usual form.)
1) ADV: ADV after v, n ADV If someone moves or looks upwards, they move or look up towards a higher place.

`There,' said Jack, pointing upwards...

They climbed upward along the steep cliffs surrounding the village...

Hunter nodded again and gazed upwards in fear...

Lie face upwards with a cushion under your head.

2) ADV: ADV after v If an amount or rate moves upwards, it increases.

...with prices soon heading upwards in high street stores...

Unemployment will continue upward for much of this year...

The share price is likely to leap upwards.

3) PHR-PREP: PREP amount A quantity that is upwards of a particular number is more than that number.

...projects worth upwards of 200 million pounds...

It costs upward of $40,000 a year to keep some prisoners in prison.

less than

English dictionary. 2008.

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